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Promotional Leaflets

Promotional or sales leaflets can be a smaller version of a promotional brochure (see Promotional Brochures page) or a stripped down version of a larger technical brochure aimed at a different target audience.

The examples shown below promote the use of the products to the small developer or jobbing builder via merchants and distributors. These customers do not require all the design information required by the Architect or Specifier but do require concise and relevant technical information to enable them to select, purchase and install the product.

This is not just a question of 'dumbing-down' but a careful and measured selection of precisely the right information presented in the most user-friendly format.

Samples of our Promotional Leaflets (in pdf format) can be downloaded by clicking on the images below.


  Steadmans  Product Range

Ubbink Solatube

  Steadmans  Twin Skin Systems

Ubbink Multivap

  Steadmans Meta-SlatePlus Roofing System

Ubbink Roof
slate & tile ventilators
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