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Promotional Brochures

Brochures are an important sales tool for any business large or small, but promotional or sales brochures are different from technical brochures, they must fulfill a completely different role. They must be visually appealing, written to spark the reader's curiosity, satisfy a need and send a specific message to your target market.

Above all there must be symmetry and balance in the presentation of the material.

Good promotional and sales brochures are well-planned, show understanding of your customer profile and are presented at the most pertinent and appropriate time. Brochure(s) must keep your product or service in the forefront of your customer's mind, distinguish your firm from your competition, present new or updated information and reinforce both your marketing message and your Company’s image.

JPA TL Ltd. have developed many sales-orientated brochures for existing and new clients. Three examples - one for a housing development, one for automatic lighting and heating controls and one project-based photo album for a prestigious stone material - are available to download in pdf format by clicking on the links below.

Rather than explain them we feel you should take a look yourself and make up your own mind.

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