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3D instruction/operation visualisations

3D visualisations offer a realistic and flexible alternative to traditional coloured illustrations. We can create visual images from scratch or we can use your existing CAD drawings; we then render and manipulate them to suit specific applications.

Case study: Miller UK Ltd.
This company is a specialist producer of mechanical and hydraulic couplers for all manner of excavators and backhoe loaders which it provides to all major manufacturers worldwide. As part of the supply a User Manual is required to accompany each coupler.

As all couplers are painted to match individual manufacturer’s colours, Miller had historically reproduced the User Manuals only in black and white; illustrations were limited to photographs taken under difficult conditions, often with poor lighting.

To create more attractive and informative visuals for new Manuals, JPA TL Ltd. modelled the couplers, buckets and excavator arm in AutoCAD and Cinema 4D, we then produced clean, controllable visuals which could be manipulated to show specific operations and identify parts: they could also be simply re-coloured to suit individual client’s identity. This was an extremely cost-effective way of enhancing the quality and value of the User Manuals.

The Miller manual which features the 3D visuals (in pdf format) can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.


  Miller Compact Quick Couplers: Installation Guide and Operators Instructions Miller Compact Quick Couplers:
Installation Guide and
Operators Instructions (1.6MB)