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At JPA TL Ltd. we calculate our prices by estimating the numbers of hours it will require to fulfill the Client's brief and by the hourly rate of the people best suited to do the work. Hourly rates currently range from 45 to 55 per hour. Depending on your preference, we will then give you a fixed price for a well-defined project or agree an overall budget and charge monthly for time engaged. Alternatively if you have a notional (or fixed!) budget, we will advise you how to achieve best value for that amount of money. We can provide a full service, where we originate all the text and graphics, prepare the design and layout, liaise with the printer and monitor the job right up to delivery or we can take your text, images and layout design to create the finished item. Our philosophy is simple - the more you provide the less we have to do - and the cheaper the job will be.

As a general guide, a full service for a technical brochure of 16 - 40 pages could cost £600 - £800 per page - depending on the of content. An example of a 'full service' brochure can be downloaded and viewed by clicking on the image at the bottom of this page. Unlike the majority of agencies, we do not add fees and handling charges to items and services we purchase on your behalf, such as printing, web domains and photography - we will just give you the quotation or have the invoice sent direct to you for payment.

We don't claim to be the cheapest around when it comes to producing literature but our knowledge and expertise mean we will require less of your time for meetings and proofing than other agencies, and that saves you money overall. If you would like to discuss our costs further or get a free, no obligation quotation for a project - call Neil Storey on 0191 281 0031.

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