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About Us

JPA TL Ltd. is a technical information and design agency, specialising in the construction industry. We can help you communicate clearly and effectively with clients, specifiers, contractors and end-users, through print or electronic media using text, illustrations, photography, CAD details and 3D visualisations. The members of our creative team have joined us from a variety of backgrounds, and bring experience of business sectors such as construction, engineering, print production, health care and education. This eclectic mix is healthy and helps us take a broad view to a brief.


First, you need to know how we work
Before you start working with someone you need to know more about them than how much the project is going to cost! You should know how they work, where they've come from and where they are going.

We do not have account managers: the people you deal with are the people who do the work. We believe this direct contact gives us a better understanding of the project and makes us more responsive.

As a practising architect John Potter found himself dissatisfied with the quality of technical documentation he received from the manufacturers of construction products: too much of it was simply sales literature which did not provide the information he and other specifiers required. The response to his critiques was 'can you do better?'

John was confident he could, so when, in 1979, he set up his own practice in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, his business plan included the production of technical literature for the construction industry. Manufacturers and government departments recognised the benefits of having technical literature which spoke clearly to architects and the business flourished. So much so, that in 1988 JPA Technical Literature was separated from the architectural practice and given its own identity.

The mid-nineties saw a great change in the way we work and the work we do. In 1994 literature production went completely digital (the last drawing board disappeared into the attic in 1997). In 1996 we designed our first CD-ROM and launched our first client website early in 1998.

In early 2010 we moved from our Victorian Terrace in Jesmond to a more suitable location within Design Works in Gateshead and JPA TL became JPA TL Ltd. Although we will miss the high ceilings, narrow staircase, sash windows, erratic heating system, small car park and the exercise from all the stairs, we realised the building was not suited to the digital way we work and deliver information these days - so we packed up all our macs and left.

And the future?
We will continue to provide our clients with communication materials in the most appropriate medium, and will take advantage of new technologies which are relevant to their needs. But at the centre of all we do will be the same goal with which we started over twenty years ago: building communication.